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Indirect questions

We can either ask a direct question, such as “Where is the Writing Studio, upstairs or downstairs?” or an indirect question, such as “Could you tell me if the Writing Studio is upstairs or downstairs?”

~ Why might we choose to ask a question indirectly? This is just one of the topics we talked about during our International Conversation Cafe today.

~ In your native language, do you have similar choices for how you can ask a question?

~ What is a more indirect way to ask the following questions?

a) What time is it?  b) Where is the Star Hotel?  c) When does the bus come? Open the link below. Then, on the left side, open the link for Unit 2. Look at “Indirect questions from Wh-questions,” to create three indirect questions:


Notice that there are links for resources that you can download on the bottom left corner of that page.


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